Australian Local Businesses – Intro

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Link building is a vital aspect of search engine optimisation and building your online brand, wherever you are and whether you’re large or small. Whether you’re a small accounting company in Perth, a Fish Market in Sydney, a lawyer’s office in Canberra, a restaurant in Melbourne, or any other business of any size – link building can help you succeed online. Not all links are the same. One-way backlinks are important. And relevant one-way back links are the most coveted sort of link. The more one-way back links pointing to your website, the more relevant you can appear to search engines – search engines that will deem your site relevant enough to receive traffic from people searching for whatever it is that you sell.

Yes, links can be good. Links from article sites, links from social media tools, and links in general can be helpful because they can send traffic your way. But from an SEO (search engine optimisation) perspective, relevancy is much more valuable and it’s worth the effort to try to get as many of these as possible.

Pointing Bob’s Fish Market website to that legal office in Canberra won’t be much help. Pointing the Perth accounting site to that Melbourne restaurant isn’t all that helpful either. When the search engines crawl websites, they look at what the site is about and what the site points to. If a website in your niche is pointing at your site, this increases the perceived relevancy to your topic. If you were a Perth website design company, for instance, links from other Australian technology companies could be very helpful. Here are some tips for getting relevant backlinks:

Comment on blogs in your niche. Use your website’s URL in the website field.

Write a piece for syndication and publish it. If you write something newsworthy or that gets attention, other sites in your industry may publish it and this will get a link pointed to your site. Press releases and article directory articles work great in this manner.

Submit your information to relevant directories and groups. If you’re a Perth website design company, for instance, and there are local technology groups and directories, get listed there. If you’re a lawyer and there’s an online legal directory with a category based on your geographical area, this is helpful, too. Not only might potential customers see the listing and contact you but search engines will make the connection as well. Tip: Make good use of tags and categories wherever they are offered.

Offer to write guest articles/blog posts for websites and online newsletters in your industry in exchange for a byline that contains a link pointing to your website. (This will help you build authority as well!)

Talk to a local SEO company to help you optimise for local search. Not only will this help you with a Long Tail SEO strategy (that can get you better rankings and targeted traffic that has a greater chance of conversion) but you’ll appear on Google Maps and start to climb the ranks in the search engine results pages for your area and your niche.